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Doctor Loy

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Market Research

20 Hours


Content writing

Proof reading

Editing and checking by a medical professional

20 Hours

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Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: AI And Health

Andie Brocklehurst

Niche Marketer

"One of the things that drives me nuts about medical related PLR is that it’s often written by researchers who know nothing about medical conditions and as such you feel uneasy about using it. 

Doctor Loy has totally solved that with his PLR packs.

Not only are they researched and expertly written, Doctor Loy personally checks every piece of content personally to make sure it’s totally accurate which means I KNOW I am 100% safe publishing this content on my sites and using it in products."

Break Into The Billion Dollar Artificial Intelligence Niche With These Professional Medical Content Pieces  That You Can Repurpose To Use In Almost Any Way You Want!

Edith Hignutt

"Excellent content.  

The articles are well organized, concise and very well written.  The medical expertise is broken down into bite sized understandable chunks.  

The articles include suggested inter-linking plus the additions!  

I’ll be adding this content into my regular content."

"Consisting of 8,000 words and a multitude of images Doctor Loy gives us a complete explanation of the topic.  His professionalism as a doctor is self-evident as he delivers detailed descriptions of the medical management and treatment available.  

But this is not some medical journal.  Doctor Loy’s writing style shows he can communicate a complex subject effectively, without using jargon or difficult to grasp terminology.   So, the average reader can understand the message well."

Neill MacKenzie

Tom Clark

Online Marketer

"Using PLR content on your site is great; it saves you hours having to research, write and check everything out. Having medically researched PLR written by a doctor is something else.  

I know that Dr. Loy has written content that is well-researched and backed by medical facts. The content is well written and fact-checked, and I am 100% happy with the product.  

Knowing that it has been written by a real doctor is the best part.."

Helen Doherty

Online Marketer

"Doctor Loy takes a complex subject and covers every angle in terms that everyone can understand whether in the medical field or not.  

Well written and super informative on a subject that touches many peoples' lives.."

"Medical Content spoken in simple terms.

I wish my doctor would read this too.

Thanks Dr. Loy"

Michael Holthuysen

"If you're in the health, fitness or diet niches then Doctor Loy Puckett continues to produce premium medical content that comes with PLR Rights. This means you can use it as your own. 

Loy is a time served Medical Doctor with over 25 years experience in the field, so you can rest assured his content is factually correct and the very best available.

Doctor Loy also offers the opportunity for you to co-brand with him to help elevate your own authority in the niche and gain trust from the audience you are targeting. 

This is highly recommended."

Paul Carr

Denise Martin

"This PLR was a pleasant surprise.  It's keyword focused and includes a meta description for each article so I don't have to write it.  

The biggest surprise was a list of affiliate programs to monetize it.  Love that I don't have to go hunting around for that."

RJ Ritchie

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To your Success!"

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Bridget Mouton

Bridget Mouton on YouTube and Amazon

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I have purchased many of his products, and I really am pleased with the content.  The packages have delivered great detailed and easy to understand information.  

I will continue to purchase Dr. Loy's products."

Ron Kness

"Doctor Loy's written medical content is unique in two ways. First, the information he provides is based on his medical training and 26 years of experience as a practicing ER doctor - Not a bunch of research done by a non-medical writer that may or may not be factual. Second, he writes the content in such a way that non-medical readers can easily understand it. Nobody else currently provides PLR content in this way.

As a health and fitness writer, I automatically buy Doctor Loy's content as he releases it because I know it will be great and factual information that I can use ... unlike much of the other so-called witten "medical content" out there."

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Marty Hobson

Local Web Fusion

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Diana Ratliff

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Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy:  AI And Health

10 Premium Medical Content Pieces



Available Soon!!!!

Hey, Doctor Loy here!

Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon that's storming the nation? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic these days!

And guess what?  AI is being utilized in healthcare in ways that you never would have thought!

This is an incredible opportunity for you to get innovative, Premium Content on AI and Health from a trusted source, Doctor Loy!

Did You Know...

The AI in Healthcare Market is projected to grow significantly, from USD 14.6 Billion in 2023 to USD 102.7 Billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 47.6%. ( 

Why is this Important for You?

With such impressive numbers, there's no denying that AI's influence the Health niche is booming and the time to offer this amazing information to all audiences is perfect. 

Whether you're a content creator, a business owner, or an investor, Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: "AI And Health" is your ticket to harnessing the profitability of this booming market.

Doctor Loy's quality premium content is a truly reputable source that you can trust for this task.​

If you want the best opportunity to jump on the AI - Health bandwagon, then go with the authority of Doctor Loy!

  •  The Role of AI in Cardiovascular Health 

  • AI in Diabetes Health and Endocrinology

  • AI Applications To ER Health

  • AI and Its Role in Dermatology and Skin Health

  • How AI Is Innovating Senior Healthcare

  • How AI Is Used In Surgery and Robotics

  • AI Advances In Infectious Disease Health

  • How AI Enhances Radiology Health And Xray Use

  • AI Innovations In Sports Medicine

  • How AI Applies To Cancer Care

Ask your very own AI-Powered Dr. Loy Anything!



  • Create your very own 'Interview with a medical professional', to publish in print or record as a podcast.
  • Use to generate additional, unique content on this smoking hot niche topic.
  • Have it write blog posts, emails, FAQ’s and more...
  • It really is like having your very own highly trained personal writing assistant.
  • Perfectly imitates the same professional doctor writing style of all the included content which means you can easily generate extra blog content, answers to readers questions and much more.